Arise Women Nigeria

Arise Community Insurance Scheme

The Arise Community Insurance Scheme is a unique initiative designed to address the challenges faced by women in the event of early death, serious illness, or accidents. The scheme provides a financial safety net, serving as a crucial support system for women and their families during difficult times.


The Insurance Scheme stands as a pioneering effort to prioritize the well-being and security of women in the community. By providing a safety net, it aims to alleviate the financial strain that can often accompany unexpected life events. This initiative ensures that women and their families have the necessary support and resources to rebuild their lives and regain stability during times of crisis.


We ensure women in need receive the necessary coverage by pooling resources from various sources, such as donations, sponsorships, or fundraising efforts, the scheme aims to provide insurance protection for women who may not have the means to secure it on their own.


This community-driven approach emphasizes the importance of collective support and solidarity among women. By insuring women in the community for free, the Arise Community Insurance Scheme aims to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder access to critical assistance in the face of early death, grave illness, or accidents. Thus, helping women and their families navigate difficult circumstances and work towards rebuilding their lives.


The Arise Community Insurance Scheme serves as a testament to the power of community collaboration in addressing the unique challenges faced by women. By coming together and providing insurance coverage to women in need, the scheme contributes to creating a more secure and resilient environment for women to thrive.