Arise Women Nigeria

Leadership Programmes

Arise, Women organizes the annual Arise Women’s Conference in October. This conference serves as a gathering for women from all walks of life. It aims to inspire and empower women to become leaders in their respective spheres of life. The conference provides a platform for women to gain knowledge, skills, and insights that will enable them to excel and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.


Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, the conference offers valuable resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Women can learn from accomplished leaders, experts, and mentors who share their experiences, strategies, and advice for success.


Alongside the conference, we organise a health fair, offering various health services and consultations to all attendees free of charge. The health fair includes checks and consultations related to eye health, dental health, fertility clinics, cancer screenings, sickle cell anaemia, and more. Prominent medical consultants, leading hospitals, and professionals are present at the fair to provide their expertise and support. By providing free health services and consultations, attendees are not only encouraged to prioritize their well-being but are also equipped with the necessary information and resources to take charge of their health.


Another leadership programme is the Handmaidens Women in Leadership (WILS) conference aimed at uniting women regardless of race, tribe, or religion. The purpose of WILS is to enlighten and empower women, equipping them to make a significant impact on society in a way that aligns with their unique abilities.


WILS recognizes that there are fewer women in top leadership positions due to various factors, such as limited opportunities, fear of risks, sacrifices and choices they have to make, and the perception that they need to compromise to reach the top. The platform seeks to challenge women to take on positions of responsibility based on scriptural principles, enabling them to positively influence their homes, businesses, and society as a whole, thus contributing to the growth of the nation.


The conference also focuses on fostering networking and mentorship connections, allowing women to connect with like-minded individuals and potential mentors who can guide and support them in their leadership journey.