Arise Women Nigeria


The ARISE foundation, through its education programs, aims to promote compassion, good neighbourliness, tolerance, and kindness among individuals. One of our initiatives, “Arise Goes to School,” involves visiting different schools to offer various forms of support. In this program, we built a state-of-the-art primary school equipped with a fully functional library and computer facilities in the community of Dafara. Through us, Dafara can now boast of a modern and purpose-built establishment that will empower generations of students and enhance their learning experience.


Furthermore, we contributed to the development of educational facilities. We provided a generator to Rebecca’s room, which serves as a resource centre for visually impaired students at Queens College, Lagos. This donation ensures that the students have access to electricity, which is crucial for their educational needs.


Additionally, in the Makoko area, a riverine community in Lagos, we sponsored the construction of a school. This initiative helps to improve access to education for children in the area. Moreover, we have also provided mattresses and mosquito nets to the pupils, promoting a comfortable and healthy learning environment.